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DIY - Decorate your own crown

Foamhoeden.nl makes crowns as you wish as a customer. Now it is true that many people also like to let go of their own imagination and that is why we have come up with something new from Foamhoeden.nl, namely: decorate your own crown!

We will make the crown for you in the desired color (s) and then you can decorate the crown yourself (this is very easy to do with warm glue). The decoration stuff can be supplied by us, such as rhinestone, diamond band, boa and marabou. We can also supply glue guns and glue sticks at a very competitive price.

The size of the crown is a One size fits all (from size 54 to size 62)
Because there are points on the inside of the crown, you can make the foam hat bigger. You can do this by removing one of the points. (always do this from the back). If the head size is less than 54, give this a moment, then we will deliver a piece of foam that you can put on the inside so that the hat is smaller.

Below you can see a number of examples of crowns. The color combinations can of course be adjusted to the colors that are available on our website.  

1 DYS 1500 01


2 DYS 1500 02


3 DYS 1500 03


4 DYS 1750 04


5 DYS 1500 05