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1. Applicability


1.1. These general terms and conditions apply to - and are an integral part of - every offer, quotation and agreement that relates to products to be supplied by foamhoeden.nl in Echt that are further referred to as 'users', of whatever nature, unless explicitly and otherwise agreed in writing.


1.2. In these general terms and conditions, "the customer" means: any (legal) person who orders and / or buys goods from or via the user.


1.3 These conditions can only be deviated from if the parties have explicitly agreed in writing.


2. Establishment and amendment of the agreement


2.1 All offers and quotations made by the user, in whatever form, are without obligation unless the offer includes a period for acceptance. Only by written (order) confirmation of user or by actual implementation by user is an agreement concluded.


2.2 All indications in offers, quotations or agreements and the appendices thereto, such as images, drawings, sizes, weights, returns and colors and in addition the properties of any test specimens provided are only indicative. Minor deviations are therefore not at the expense and risk of the user.


2.3 Obvious errors or mistakes in the offers of the user relieve the user from the obligation to fulfill obligations and / or any obligations for compensation ensuing therefrom, even after the conclusion of the agreement.


3. Execution of the agreement


3.1 Delivery takes place according to the applicable Incoterm: Ex Works (ex works). If the customer refuses to take delivery at the agreed time, or fails to provide information or instructions that are necessary for delivery, the user is entitled to store the products for the account and risk of the customer.


3.2 Goods are considered delivered as soon as the user has informed the customer that the goods, whether or not to be assembled in whole or in part, are ready at the user's or a third party's premises to be collected by the customer or to be commissioned by the customer. to be sent to the customer. From the moment of delivery, the delivered goods are at the risk of the customer.


3.3 If the parties expressly agree that the user is responsible for the transport of the products, both the costs and the risk of loss or damage during transport will be borne by the customer.


3.4 The specification of delivery terms in offers, quotations, agreements or otherwise is always done by the user to the best of its knowledge and these terms will be observed as much as possible, but they are not binding.


4. Prices


4.1 All prices are in euros and are exclusive of sales tax and other levies imposed by the government. Any special extra costs relating to the import and / or clearance of goods to be delivered by the user to the customer are not included in the price and are therefore for the account of the customer.


4.2 The amounts stated in user's offers are based on the prices, prices, wages, taxes and other factors relevant to the price level that exist during the offer. If after the (order) confirmation in one or more of the mentioned factors a change takes place, the user is entitled to adjust the agreed price accordingly. If a price increase is made under this provision, and the increase amounts to more than 10% of the total agreed amount, the customer has the right to dissolve the agreement in writing within eight days after it is known or could have been aware of the price increase.


4.3 The shipping costs are not included in the price and are therefore for the account of the customer.
we send with PostNL and DHL the costs of this can be requested from us.
Packages larger than a standard box always go through PostNL and the 10 to 30 kg rate is charged for this.


5. Payment


5.1 Payment must always be made within 10 working days after the invoice date. The customer is not entitled to set off any claim against the user against the amounts charged by the user.


5.2 User always has the right to deliver or invoice delivered goods per partial delivery.


5.3 Payment is made by deposit or transfer to a bank or giro account designated by the user. User always has the right to demand security for payment and / or payment in advance both before and after the conclusion of the agreement, such while suspending the execution of the agreement by user, until the security is provided and / or the payment in advance has been received by user. . If payment in advance is refused, the user is authorized to terminate the agreement